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Tasting Notes ♥ ♥ ♥


Gluten Free 100% Natural Ingredients; No Preservatives / No Additives / No Corn Syrup.

Raspberry Preserve – Award Winning Favourite 
Our most popular product as voted by our customers. A winner at the Australian Food Awards. Only the finest Australian raspberries are used in our recipe to produce an amazing product that has incredible flavour and colour. Try our raspberry preserve in your favourite dessert recipes or as a topper on hot cereals (porridge/muesli) for a delicious taste sensation. Great on toast and pancakes, superb on scones!

Rhubarb & Raspberry Preserve – Sweet or Savoury?
What a great combination! A delicious addition enhancing our love affair with raspberries. Incredibly versatile as a condiment, ingredient, dressing base, topping… whether you’re craving sweet or savoury… reach for rhubarb and raspberry!

Strawberry Preserve – A Scone’s Best Friend
Chunks of strawberry with wonderful flavour, keeps our customers coming back for more. Everyone’s favourite on toast, pancakes, and scones. 

Blackberry Preserve – Simply Scrumptious!
The finest blackberries are used to provide a product that tastes amazing. Simply scrumptious!

Blackcurrant Preserve – Toast & Cheese
A fantastic traditional preserve, with plump, juicy blackcurrants for a deliciously fruity flavour. Perfect for spreading on toast, sandwiches or mixing into breakfast porridge or pastries.

Apricot Preserve – Bold & Refreshing – Award Winning Favourite
Generous chunks of apricot enhance our intensely luscious apricot preserves. Bold, refreshing fruit preserves are perfect for pastries and desserts. Ideal for baking; as a glaze on baked goods or meat. Delicious on scones, toast or sandwiches.

Seville Orange Marmalade – A Zesty Classic – Award Winning Favourite
Seville oranges make the best marmalade because of their intense flavour profile. Homemade in small batches using the rind, flesh, and juice of Seville oranges. Cooked slowly to perfection. This is the original and classic marmalade that has been around for years. It will delight your tastebuds!

Plum Preserve – Sweet or Savoury?
Great on scones, toast or sandwiches.  Ideal for baking; as a glaze on baked goods or with cold meat platters. Try it with B.B.Q. meats… for the next sausage sizzle! We select the finest juiciest plums for this recipe.

Fig Jam – Sweet or Savoury? 
A delicious, versatile preserve made with fresh figs. Very rich in flavour. Divine served with cheese and crackers, or on toast. A wonderful addition to baked cakes, muffins and puddings. Our pick? Try it with blue cheese and ham, wrapped and baked in filo pastry!

Pure Raw Cold Extracted Box Honey & Bush Honey – 100% Australian Honey
Never heated above normal hive temperature. One of nature’s medicinal gifts. Great as a spread and as an addition to protein balls or as a sweetener in your favourite recipes and hot drinks.

Apricot Chutney – Sweet & Tangy
Fresh, ripe, juicy apricots mixed with our special spices make this wonderfully sweet and tangy chutney. Pair with meats, including pork, chicken, turkey or roast lamb. Also great on hamburgers, sausages, in sandwiches, or with eggs and bacon.

Plum Chutney – Sweet or Savoury?
Big juicy plums combined with our traditional homemade spice mix provides a super fruity and tasty chutney. Great on all meats, in sandwiches or as a dipping sauce. Very popular at Christmas time. Excellent for Asian inspired marinades.

Autumn Fruit Chutney – Sausage Roll Revelations
An abundance of tasty fruits and spices make this a truly unique product. Perfect on hot or cold meats. Wonderful in sandwiches and amazing in sausage rolls. *See recipe on our website.

Mango Chutney – Sweet & Spicy
Our delicious mango chutney is sweet and spicy, packed full of juicy mangoes. It is a delicious accompaniment for Indian cuisine and pairs well with chicken and rice, cold and hot meats, on hamburgers, sandwiches, toast, or with crackers and cheese. *See recipe online for burger ideas.

Capsicum Relish – Nachos or Pizza?
Large fresh red Australian capsicums, apples and our special spices are just a few of the main ingredients that make our super special relish. Try on nachos, sandwiches, meat and burgers. You can use it as a pizza base. A very strong flavour that is sure to excite your tastebuds.

Tomato Relish – Award Winning Favourite
One of our best selling products, also a winner at the Australian Food Awards, this will please food connoisseurs. Made from fresh Australian tomatoes and apples, with a selection of spices. Terrific on burgers, hot dogs, steak sandwiches, nachos, and various meats.

Tomato Hot/Spicy Relish – Tingling
An exciting, mouth-watering relish, with some bite! Flavour that will tantalise your senses.

Chilli Delish – Heat Seeking
If you like hot then this is for you! Fresh chillies, tomatoes and capsicum make this tasty delight.

Kasundi – Spicy Exotic – Award Winning Favourite
Authentic Indian flavour chutney/relish. A mix of tomatoes, spices, chillies, vinegar and sweetness to round off a superb flavour. Great as a side condiment, dipping sauce, or… use with meats or on sandwiches.

Raspberry Sauce – Sweet or Savoury?
A popular sauce with the kids and most adults. Lush and very bright raspberries bursting with lots of flavour. Make your tastebuds dance 🙂 Absolutely delicious over pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cheesecakes, or simply mix with your cereal and/or yoghurt. Also a wonderful spread in the middle of a sponge cake.

Tomato Sauce – The Essential… Award Winning Favourite
Fresh Aussie tomatoes, with some added spices. This classic will please and tantalise your taste buds. A wonderful base for many dishes including Indian, Italian, Mexican. Use on hamburgers, hot dogs, meat, pizza, sandwiches and bacon & eggs.

Tomato & Chilli Sauce – Some Like It Hot
Chilli and spices add pleasure and zing! Add a little excitement, make your tastebuds tingle.

We also stock a selection of boiled sweets: Raspberry Drops, Barley Sugar, Eucalyptus Drops, Humbugs, Fruit Rocks, Tiny Rocks & Family Assorted. Classic old fashioned lollies for sweet treats.